Monday, 28 August 2017

The Most Dangerous Animals

  1. The tiger has the sharpest teeth and their back teeth is sharper than a knives.
  2. It usually attack human.
  3. When they eat and then done they protect any leftover food so no scavengers come to get it.

My Dad Found A Pit Bull

When I was six, that was five years ago, my dad found a pitbull with deep black eyes and he was a puppy. My dad named him East and the colour of his fur was black. My dad brought him home and he stayed for five years. We fed him breakfast, lunch and dinner and he was about three years old and I was about eight years old. He use to sleep with me when I went to bed early at 8:30 and when I got up for school and came back from school he would wait for me. My dad and mum would look after him when I was gone.

When I went somewhere I would take him with me. I would walk to my cousins or to my friends house. At 8:30 I would take him for another walk around the block and then when we get home I would feed him. We went to sleep in my bed and East would sleep on my leg and made my leg warm. Every morning I fed him and he would go outside to go to the toilet and he would come back inside and we would play games with the ball and then we would have lunch.
I was turning seven and East was playing with my cousins. He stopped and then gave me a present because he was the best dog. I had some of my cake and then when my cousins went we said good bye to them and then played. I fed him and then we went to bed.

We woke up the next day and I cleaned up my room and then me and East had breakfast. East would just growl and growl. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

Do You Lay Eggs?

Reptiles lay eggs and then they hide it so that predators don't eat the eggs but some predators can smell the eggs.

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Can You Howl Like A Wolf?

Wolf facts

Wolves communicate by barking, howling and using their bodies.

The leader of the group is called a alpha.

The group of the wolf are called packs.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


For reading we read Snailville A Great Place To Visit and it was all about a snail email to his family because his cousins and  the other never came and visit him and he was talking about his uncle got chewed up from a frog and then he service but not his shell.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

A Sad Time My Best Friend Left

My friend named Dominic left because he was moving to another house and going to a different school. We took some photos and now I have it as my wallpaper.

He was funny, kind, helpful and a very good dancer. He's half Tongan and half Fijian. He showed me some moves because his uncle is a fighter and he showed him how to move. He showed me how to Tongan dance and he knew how to Maori dance and sing as well.

He was a great friend and treated people nicely. He was in my reading group and when I got a word wrong he told me the word and he helped me sound it out.

He was a great reader and he was really quick at reading and he never missed one word. He always tried and kept it up to be better than before. He was a great and smart friend and he always tried to be helpful in school. He believed in himself.

He brought stuff like photo's of his sister and carved wood from Tonga. He loved to bring stuff for show and tell. He gave me one of his carvings and I left it in my room.