Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Guess Who?

He where's circle glasses he has friends the boy hair color is red the girl hair color is black the movie started in 29 November 2001 him and the two boy and girl go to Hogwarts he is a wizards he eat human food he is white same as his friends he always getting dirty his family had died he has a scar on his forehead but not his friends. His first name has a H and his last name start with P.

Monday, 27 November 2017

Can you guess what it is?

It is soft, it is white, it has no sound, it is hairy and it smells like nothing.

Guess what it is...

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Make A Volcano

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Step 1:make a tall mountain out of sand or dirt.
Step 2: poke your finger in the mountain to make a crater.
Step 3:fill a half of baking soda in a eggcup.
Step 4:put the baking soda through the crater.
Step 5:stir and tip a little bit of  food coloring and than put a half of vinegar and then put the baking soda in and now look at the volcano.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Preparing The Pola

This story is about a little girl name Amelia and it was her cousin Elisapesi  birthday. Her twenty first birthday. When they were done cooking they put candy and chips on the table. They put the food on the table and it was very heavy. Amelia and her cousin with six men had to put it in the truck carefully and Amelia and her family had to go on another truck. When the guest came over Amelia and the others had to wait. The minister had to do the prayer and the oldest had to eat. Amelia ate when they did the speeches Amelia was happy because there was plenty of food.

Maui Vs The Sun

One day there was a man named Maui and he lived in a village, but one day the sun was racing across the sky and Maui went out to go fishing to get fish for his family. It was already sunset and the fish was gone and he was so upset that he was hotter then the sun. When he was walking home Maui was thinking to himself that he could go and save the day and tell the sun to slow down. That was his plan and at night he said to his family that he could save the day and when he got out of bed he went to find lots and lots of flax to make his own net to catch the sun.

 When he found lots of flax he went to create his own net.When he was finished he walked to his friends house and woke them up and he said "Come with me because I am going to save the day". 

One of his friends woke up and he said "I will come with you" and Maui said "Okay".

Maui and his new friend walked a long way because it was out in the east side and it was still midnight. When they went away far away from the village it was nearly time for the sun to rise. Maui got out his net and the sun rose and Maui threw his net over the sun and his friend caught the other strip of the net and the sun almost got out but there were five people walking pass and Maui told them to help. They did and then the sun went down and Maui jumped and Maui said "You need to stop racing across the sky" and the sun said "Okay, okay, I will" and Maui and the five people lift him him to the sky. 

His friend went back to the village and Maui went back to his village and the people in the village said that he was our hero.